DOCTRID Institute Mission

DOCTRID’s mission is to deliver practical outcomes to improve the lives of individuals with ID and ASD through the co-ordinated effort of researchers, carers, service providers and users.

DOCTRID is committed to

● conducting multidisciplinary evidence-based research, rooted in the experience of the service users and staff of the DoC Services

● using results to inform policy
● developing assistive technology
● training future leaders in research
● developing effective delivery of services.

DOCTRID is one of the world’s largest combined efforts to improve life for people with ID and ASD.

DOCTRID connects 20 partners across Ireland, the US and UK including

  • all of the universities on the island of Ireland, a number of institutes of technology on the island of Ireland,
  • Michigan State University (MSU), University of Massachusetts (UMASS) in the USA, and King’s College London.
  • 2 Disability Service Providers (Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services & Designability (UK)
  • National umbrella organisation of intellectual disability service providers (National Federation of Voluntary Bodies)

DOCTRID is creating a critical mass of social scientists, psychologists, occupational therapists, special educators, computer scientists, engineers, IT experts and disability service providers.

Together, they can improve services and increase the community participation, opportunities and independence of people with ID, autism and dementia.