RESPECT is now raising funds for the refurbishment of 3 bungalows at St Joseph’s Centre, Clonsilla.

These bungalows are over 40 years old and fall short of the current standards of health and safety, space, insulation, comfort and privacy for the residents. Extensive works have to be carried out; Total cost is estimated at €0.5 million.

How you can help

The project has received support from Fingal County Council and the Department of the Environment and has been publicly tendered. A contractor is awaiting the go ahead. Respect has raised €130,000. To enable this a further €200,000 has yet to be raised.

We are asking supporters of RESPECT to ‘sponsor a brick’ by completing the form below.  Bricks cost €5 each and it is estimated that we will need 40,000 virtual bricks to complete the project.

The team at RESPECT are deeply grateful for all donations. Thank you!