School Enrichment Programme

Transition year students from St Dominic’s College and St Declan’s College partner with RESPECT each year, and have done so for the last 16 years, the aim of the programme is:

  • To educate the students around the area of Intellectual Disability and Autism, through visiting the Daughters of Charity Centres.
  • To enable the students to fundraise for RESPECT with events, such as Carol Singing, Spin-a-thons, Ceili, Bag Packing, Inter-School Quiz, Fashion Shows etc…
  • To widen the RESPECT family, making the young people aware of people with Intellectual Disability and Autism and the importance of volunteering.
  • To highlight the DOCTRID international research institute.


St. Declan’s College & St. Dominic’s College students visit RESPECT shop!  – Account by Ben (RESPECT Committee member, St. Declan’s College)

A group of students from both St. Declan’s College and St. Dominic’s College visited the RESPECT Shop at Prussia Street.

Ben, Cian, Evan and Richard from St. Declan’s as well as Demi, Shauna, Kaitlinn and Karen from St. Dominic’s are all members of the RESPECT Committee organised in their schools.
The students made their way into the RESPECT shop to learn more about the work of the charity shop and find out how it is run!. They were shown around the shop and got to see what the back of the shop looks like as well as talk to the volunteers working there.
The students were told about the process the shop goes through with all of the clothes and how they get all of it out on the shelves.

photos taken at the Westend Retail Park for the Spin-a-thon and the Inter-School Quiz hosted by St Declan’s

Things got tense when the students were told of the mannequin dress up game. Both schools would have limited time to dress up a mannequin using the clothes in the Respect shop. The volunteers would pick a winner at the end!

With both sides eager to win, they got stuck in straight away!.

The Declan’s lads opted to go for a classy blue dress with a fancy grey hat and a lovely red bag to wrap up the whole outfit nicely.
The Dominic’s girl decided to go for a charming and dapper dark suit. The suit was rounded up with a white shirt and marvellous red tie.
The competition was fierce and at the end, both schools were neck and neck. It was a tough call for the volunteers at the RESPECT shop as they each liked both the outfits!
St. Declan’s College was announced as the winner in a huge upset, as the judges were impressed with their sense of fashion and style.
We all had fun and learned loads about the work of the charity shop and how it is run.

Thanks to all of the staff at RESPECT on Prussia Street for making us all feel so welcome and part of the RESPECT family, as well as allowing us to become fashionistas for a day!