Heartfelt thanks from the RESPECT Team to all those who helped to make the RESPECT Queen of Hearts Lunch last week such a super event!

This event is the first of it’s kind and due to the great feedback from all those who attended, it is likely to take an annual place on the RESPECT event calendar.

The Queen of Hearts Lunch was held in the wonderland of Carton House and special thanks must go to the management and staff of Carton House for their help on the day as well as to the very capable organising committee.

RESPECT are also sincerely grateful to all our many sponsors, to the great entertainers on the day, the auctioneer, and to those who supported us in anyway.

And a big thank you to all of you who came along on the day and made it such a special event!

It was a great day for RESPECT all round.

There are a small selection of photos below, keep an eye out for Image Magazine where a full selection of photos will be published.  These will also be posted on the RESPECT Facebook page once they are available.

Thanks again from the RESPECT Team!

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