Our Supporters

The achievements of RESPECT to date have only been possible due to the long standing support of the large number of carers, relatives, parents and friends, families, organising committees, volunteers and local community support. Here’s what some of our supporters say…

Dermot Desmond

Dermot Desmond has been a friend and supporter of RESPECT for many years.

“In May 2014, RESPECT launched the EU Marie Curie COFUND in Assistive Technologies for Autism and Intellectual Disability (ASSISTID). This EU supported initiative will fund Fellowships to the sum of €8.9 million, of which RESPECT has to raise 60%. Now more than ever we need your support.

To all the fundraising committees and event organisers, your loyalty and commitment is invaluable. To our benefactors, thank you for continuing to give so generously. To all our volunteers, you are an inspiration and I applaud your selflessness. These accomplishments are a reflection of the kindness and generosity of all of you who support RESPECT, without which we would not be able to enhance the lives of those who have touched us in a special way. ”

Dermot Desmond

Bridie Gallagher is a volunteer in the RESPECT Shop:

“I do charitable work for RESPECT  because I see the Daughters of Charity operate within the spirit and letter of the true meaning of the word ‘respect’. RESPECT is the valuing of the dignity, worth and uniqueness of every individual human being. I believe that their work is the daily manifestation of true feelings  of love and deep care for their people so that no one feels a second class citizen – each member feels valued and cherished as a  separate person where nothing but the best is good enough. There is a great feeling of happiness and joy in all their work and this gives a true meaning to Christian living. All this is achieved with dignity, quiet energy and a sense of security- taking account of the varying degrees of talents, limitations and the ages of people – from  cradle to grave. I support this by helping as a volunteer in their Charity Shop in Prussia St. which raises much needed funds in difficult times”.

Bridie Gallagher, RESPECT Shop Volunteer

Brian Murphy ran the Dublin City Marathon for RESPECT

“This being my 1st  marathon  and a real opportunity to raise funds. I wanted to support a charity where I know that good work is done and where funds are essential. Having a sister with intellectual disabilities, who is now in her 30s and parents in their 60s, I know how essential the services provided by the Daughters of Charity are to parents and families of people with intellectual disabilities.  RESPECT raises money to support and continue their great work.”

Brian Murphy

 Stephen Mallaghan is a Volunteer Event Organiser for RESPECT

“RESPECT is a forward thinking and exciting charity that helps people with intellectual difficulties with a level of care that is second to none. The charity gives independence and self respect to so many that could otherwise be marginalised and forgotten. I’ve had great fun and met so many wonderful people through my association with this fantastic charity.”

Stephen Mallaghan