The Next Challenge

The next challenge for RESPECT is to meet the fundraising targets required to be able to run the DOCTRID Research Institute as well as continuing to support the ongoing building work for residents of the Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services.

“For people without a disability technology makes life easier, for people with a disability technology makes things possible.”

Brian Harvey, Director of Research, DOCTRID


Research into Assistive Technology

Through it’s new ASSISTID Programme, RESPECT has recently added research to it’s upcoming projects. The ASSISTID Programme is the only programme of it’s kind in Europe and early results look promising. This research investigates the powerful positive changes that Assistive Technology can bring to the lives of people with Intellectual Disability and Autism.

Assistive technology includes a broad spectrum of low- and high-tech technologies, from walking sticks, frames and wheelchairs, to high-end hearing, vision, and computer-based communication devices.

Water SensorBig MAC SwitchIPad adaptations

DOCTRID sees assistive technology as an enabling tool to support people with ID and ASD to achieve a better quality of life. The aim is to inform policy, promoting research and development, and moving away from
the narrow perception of assistive technology as rehabilitative ‘aids and appliances’ for a patient.

Despite assistive technology being worth an estimated €30bn in the European marketplace, there is a lack of evidence-based research into its development, impact and cost effectiveness. DOCTRID seeks to realise its huge potential.


We Urgently Need Your Help

While this research is part-funded by the EU Marie Curie Fund the remainder of the funds must be raised by RESPECT.

We are a small organisation with huge impact. We are deeply appreciative of all the people that have supported us in our ability to enhance the quality of lives of people with ID and ASD.

We need you to join us too.

There are many ways you can support us. Here are some examples to help you decide what would work best for you.

Thank you!